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1. How did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) resolved the issue?
Ans. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) resolved the issue by proposing a very fit plan for the setting of the black stone.
2. Why did the Quraish think that the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) would favor them?
Ans. Quraish thought that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) would favour them because he himself was the member of the Quraish family. Moreover, they thought that the Hazrat Usama Bin Zaid was closed enough to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to make appeal on behalf of that guilty woman.
3. Why did non-Muslims trust the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
Ans. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) did justice in every case, brought to him by friend or foe. Therefore, the Muslims trusted the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
4. What advice did the holy Prophet give to Hazrat Ali?
Ans. The Holy prophet (PBUH) advised Hazrat Ali not to decide any matter without hearing both the parties and without knowing the truth.
5. What does the word “proclaimed” mean?
Ans. ‘To proclaim’ means “to declare something in a formal manner or officially.
Exercise Questions and Answers
1. How can people achieve perfection in the moral, spiritual and social areas of life ?
Ans. People can achieve perfection in their moral, spiritual and social areas of life by seeking light, instructions and guidance from the Holy Prophet’s message and life.
2. How did the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) set high and noble ideals for all mankind?
Ans. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) set high and noble ideals for mankind by practically following the commandments of Allah.
3. How were people of Makkah convinced of the Holy Prophet ‘s justice even before his prophet hood?
Ans. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w) did justice in every case. His dealing with people were always fair. Therefore, the people of Makkah were convinced of his justice even before his prophet hood.
4. What standards of justice did the holy Prophet (s.a.w) practice as head of the state of Madinah?
Ans. As head of the state of Madinah, the Holy Prophet practiced high standard of justice. He decided every matter on merit. He did justice irrespective of colour, race or creed.
5. What made non-Muslims bring their suits to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
Ans. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was fair, just and kind to everyone. More ever, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was very strict in doing justice. Therefore, the non-Muslims brought their cases to him for decision.
6. How does Quran describe the personality of the Holy prophet (PBUH)?
Ans. The Holy Quran describes the personality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as follows: “Indeed, in the messenger of Allah (Mohammad), you have a perfect example to follow for him who hopes for (the meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much”
Chapter 2; “Chinese New Year”
Q: Why is Chinese New Year never on the same day each year?
Ans: The Chinese follow lunar calendar which is based on the phases of moon and has shorter cycle than sun. Therefore, Chinese New Year never starts on the same date each year.
Q: What is Chinese belief about cleaning houses before new year day?
Ans: To clean the house before the starts of New Year is like to wipe away the bad luck of the previous year and makes the house ready to accept the good luck of the New Year.
Q: Why does this dinner consist of eight or nine dishes?
Ans: The dinner consists of eight or nine dishes because in Chinese language, ‘eight’ means ‘prosperity’ and ‘nine’ means ‘long-lasting’.
Q: Is Chinese belief about people having character traits of animals a fact or an opinion?
Ans: It is Just an opinion because there is nothing in it to be called a fact.
Exercise Questions and Answers
Q: When does Chinese New Year start?
Ans: Chinese New Year starts on some day between January 21 and February 20.
Q: Why do Chinese families do thorough cleaning of their houses before New Year’s Day?
Ans: Cleaning before New Year’s Day removes the bad luck of the previous year and makes the house ready to accept the good luck of the New Year.
Q: Which colour is not allowed and which colour is encouraged on Chinese New Year? Why?
Ans: The black colour is not allowed as it is a symbol of death. The red colour is encouraged as it turns away bad spirits.
Q: What do the decorations on doors and windows symbolize?
Ans: The decorations on doors and windows symbolize luck and happiness.
Q: What is the significance of New Year’s Eve Dinner?
Ans: The significance of the New Year’s Eve Dinner is that it helps Chinese families to sit together and mend their bonds.
Q: What do the little red envelopes filled with money symbolize?
Ans: The little red envelopes filled with money symbolize wealth and prosperity.
Q: What is the importance of Chinese New Year for Chinese families?
Ans: Chinese New Year is very important for Chinese families as it brings them close together. They revive their relationships. They express their thanks for the previous year and reinvigorate themselves for the New Year
Chapter 3; “Try again”
Q: What does the word “persevere” mean?
Ans: ‘To persevere’ means ‘to be tenacious.’
Q: “If we strive, it is no disgrace,” explain this sentence.
Ans: It means that we should be steadfast in making efforts. It is not a matter of shame to work hard for success.
Exercise Questions and Answers
Q.1: What is the lesson taught in the first stanza of the poem “Try Again “?
Ans: The first stanza teaches us the lesson of perseverance. It teaches that our first failure should not make us sad. Rather it should urge us to take more daring and steady steps.
Q.2: What can we learn from our failures?
Ans: Failure teaches us the lesson of courage. It urges us to take more daring and steady steps to reach our goal.
Q.3: How is failure not a disgrace?
Ans: To leave working after failure is surely a disgrace. But if failure urges us to take more daring and steady steps, it is no disgrace then.

Q.4: How many time should we try and why?
Ans: We should keep on trying until we succeed. If we leave trying after failure, it would be disgraceful. That is why we should keep on trying.
Q.5: What should we do if we find our task hard?
Ans: If we find our task hard, we should not be discouraged. We must see that if other people can do it, we can do it also. Then we would do it successfully.
Chapter 4 : “First Aid”
Q: What is the importance of knowledge of ‘First Aid’ in crisis management?
Ans: The knowledge of ‘First Aid’ is very important as it helps us to manage crisis by saving the lives of people.
Exercise Questions and Answers
Q: You should not keep checking if the bleeding has stopped. Why?
Ans: You should not check if the blood has stopped because it may damage the clot that has formed and blocked the blood flow.
Q: Why is it necessary to keep away soap from the wound?
Ans: It is necessary to keep away soap from the wound because it can cause irritation in the wound.
Q.3: How is an antibiotic cream or ointment good in healing the wound?
Ans: The use of antibiotic cream is good as it fastens the body’s natural healing process.
Q.4: What should you do if you are allergic to adhesive material used in most bandages?
Ans: If you are allergic to adhesive material used in bandages, you should use adhesive-free dressings.
Q.5: When do you need to see a doctor?
Ans: You should see the doctor if the recovery is slow or if the wound is infected.
Q.6: What should our first aid kit consist of?
Ans: The first aid kit should contain a first aid Book, band-aids, plasters, elastic bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, cotton wool, safety pin, tweezers, scissors, latex gloves, calamine lotion, analgesic tablets and clinical thermometer.

Q: What is one good thing about newspapers?
Ans: We can read news of our own choice at any time of the day. This is good thing about newspapers.
Q: How does newspaper make us lazy?
Ans: We can view the news at TV without any effort. Thus it make us lazy.
Q: Have you ever given your views on any article?
Ans: Yes, once I gave my views on ‘Terrorism’ in response to a feature published in ‘The Dawn’.
Q: Which simile has the author used and Why?
Ans: The author says that TV news is just like fast food and the news published in newspapers is just like a dinner with many dishes. The author has used this simile to tell us that news published in the newspapers give us full details.
Exercise Questions and Answers
Q: How is a newspaper more convenient medium of news?
Ans: We can read a newspaper at any time and at any place. We can carry it with us. We can select or reject any news. Thus it is convenient.
Q: How does a viewer get restricted while watching TV?
Ans: On TV you cannot choose or reject any part of news. And you can watch a TV program at certain time and place only. Thus the viewers get restricted.
Q: In what way viewing news on TV is easier than reading a newspapers.
Ans: Watching news on TV requires little effort and a little skill of a language. Thus viewing news on TV is easier than reading newspapers.
Q: How do newspapers give us more in-depth coverage?
Ans: Newspapers give news in detail. They publish editorials and articles. Thus they give an in-depth coverage.
Q: Why do some people read more than one newspapers?
Ans: Some people read many newspapers to study news from all angles. This helps them to determine the validity of news.
Q: How can readers give feedback to the newspaper articles?
Ans: The reader can give feedback to the newspaper articles by getting their writings published in the public forum.
Q: Which medium do you prefer for news? Why?
Ans: I prefer newspapers because they are convenient. They can be read at any time and at any place.

Q. What kind of person is the author?
Ans. The author is a young man who has just passed hard-ships of teenage.
Q. What does the author want to imply by mentioning his co-curricular activities?
Ans. By mentioning his co-curricular activities, the author wants to imply that he is a well-rounded student.
Q. How have these job experiences made the author more mature?
Ans. By doing these jobs, the author has developed a sense of responsibility. Thus he has become more mature.
Q. What has motivated the author to participate so actively?
Ans:. The author has developed a positive outlook. This outlook has motivated him to participate in co-curricular activities actively.
Exercise Questions and Answers
Q1. What are some distinctions of the writer?
Ans. He won Quaid-e-Azam batch in scouting. He won the quiz contest on the topic ‘Who is Who’. He won Academic Excellence Awards in speech competition and essay writing competition. He won prizes for Computer Applications, Geography, Advanced Algebra.
Q2: How has the writer spent his summer vacations?
Ans. During the summer vacations, he did many jobs to develop a sense of responsibility.
Q3: What has he gained from his summer jobs experiences?
Ans. The summer jobs experiences have polished his faculties of brain and body. They have made him mature and responsible.

Q4. How are these experiences helpful to him in future?
Ans. The summer jobs experiences have made the writer mature and responsible thus, these experiences would be helpful to him in future.
Q5: What kind of student is the writer? Which of his qualities impress you?
Ans: The writer is a well-rounded student. He takes deep interest in his studies. He is also a leading sportsman. He does various jobs during vacations. All these qualities of him really impress me.
Chapter 9: “Selecting the Right Career”
Q: In past, why did people want to become a doctor, an engineer or a pilot?
Ans: In the past, people wanted to become doctors, engineers or pilots because these were thought to be the only fields that could offer rewarding careers in terms of both respect and money. Moreover, some people were unaware of the benefits of other profession.
Q: Explain the phrase “Profitable livelihood”.
Ans: ‘Profitable livelihood’ means a profession, which fulfil the necessities of life like food, shelter, and clothing. In short, a profession which supports financially, and gives mental satisfaction is known as profitable livelihood.
Q: How do career counsellors help you choose the right profession?
Ans: The career counsellors help us choose a right profession by the following three steps. First, they determine our personalities. Second, they observe and analyze our interests. Third, they suggest us the right professions according to our aptitude.
Q: Which of these professions have interested you the most? Why?
Ans: I want to study software engineering because I want to make such computer programs, which could help the students in their studies. Moreover, I want to serve my life to humanity through this profession.
Exercise Questions and Answers
Q: What were some famous careers for the young people in the past?
Ans: The famous careers in the past were to be a doctor, a pilot or an engineer.
Q: Now a day’s non-traditional careers are more appealing to young minds. Why?
Ans: Now a days, non-traditional careers are more appealing to our youth because life has become more dynamic and innovative. Moreover, our youth has become aware of the benefits of non-traditional careers such as fashion designing, Information Technology etc.
Q: What is meant by the “right profession“?
Ans: Right Profession means a rewarding profession that provides respect, money and mental satisfaction.
Q: Why is it important to consider the scope of any field?
Ans: It is important to consider the scope of any field to get mental satisfaction. It also helps us to choose a right profession.
Q: Is there any need of proper career counseling department? Why?
Ans: Yes, there is severe need of proper career counseling department to select suitable careers.
Q: How can career counselors help the young people?
Ans: Career counselors can help the young people in selecting their career after observing their personalities and interests.
Q: Which career do you want to opt for? Give reason?
Ans: I like CA profession as it is rewarding in both, respect and money.
Chapter 10: “A World Without Books?”
Q: Have you ever experienced the same feelings while reading a book?
Ans: Yes, I have often experienced such feelings. Rather, whenever I read, I get involved in the text.
Q: Can modern technology take the place of books?
Ans: No, modern technology cannot replace books. On screen text is no equal to a printed text.
Q: Why does the author use the terms “fast food” and “slow food”?
Ans: The writer creates textual beauty by using these terms. Moreover, he contrasts the fast world of technology with the slow world of books.
Q: What role does a library play to promote the habit of book reading?
Ans: The libraries promote the habit of reading by offering a variety of books on all topics.
Exercise Questions and Answers
Q: How does a book connect the reader and the writer?
Ans: By reading a book, the reader enters into the world created by the writer. Thus the book links the both.
Q: In what way books are better than radio, TV and internet?
Ans: We can keep a book with us forever. We can read it whenever and wherever we like. Radio, Tv and Internet do not have these qualities. Thus books are better than radio, TV or internet.
Q: “It’s a slow food in a world given over to fast food”. Explain.
Ans: It means that writing a book is like cooking a slow food. But reader is quicker to comprehend it.
Q: Why should people be given more opportunity to read books?
Ans: People should be given more opportunities to read books because they are safe shelters, sustenance and roads forward.
Q: Which book has inspired you the most? Why?
Ans: The Holy Quran has inspired me the most as it guides us in all respects.
Chapter 11 ; “Great Expectations”
Q: Have you read any novel by Charles Dickens?
Ans: Yes, I have read two novels by Charles Dickens. They are ‘David Copperfield’ and ‘Great Expectations’.
Q: What kind of boy was Pip?
Ans: He was a kind boy. He was a lonely orphan. He had to suffer the cruel treatment of his sister.
Q: What changed Pip’s life?
Ans: A man whom Pip fed in his misery helped Pip later with money. Thus Pip got education in London due to that man’s help. This changed his life.
Q: How did Pip become a successful businessman?
Ans: First, Pip worked as a clerk. Then by hard work he became of the owners of an insurance firm. Thus he became a successful businessman. .
Exercise Questions and Answers
Q1: Who looked after Pip after the death of his parents?
Ans: His sister and her husband looked after Pip after the death of his parents.
Q2: Who was Joe and how did he treat Pip?
Ans: Joe was Pip’s sister’s husband. He loved Pip and treated him like a father.
Q 3: Why did Pip give food and drink to the prisoner?
Ans: Pip gave food and drinks to the prisoner as he was very kind and gentle.
Q4: What happened to the prisoner?
Ans: The prisoner was recaptured by the soldiers.
Q5: Why did the prisoner support Pip?
Ans: The prisoner supported Pip because Pip had been kind to him.
Q6: What happened to the prisoner’s wealth after his death?
Ans: After the prisoner’s death, all his wealth was occupied by the government.
Q. What does the word ”depleted” mean?
Ans: ‘To be depleted’ means ‘ to be spent’.
Q. Do you also face shortage of water in your locality? Why?
Ans. No, we do not face shortage of water in our locality because in our area water purification and its supply is best.
Q. How is fossil energy a finite source?
Ans. The source that cannot be increased or replenished is termed as finite. As we cannot increase or replenish fossil fuel, it is finite.
Exercise Questions and Answers
Q1: Which areas are most affected by incessant growth in population?
Ans: The developing countries are the most affected areas by incessant growth in population.
Q2: Why are the developing countries going to suffer more due to over population?
Ans: The developing countries are going to suffer more due to over population as it causes economic and food problems.
Q3: What is the major cause of food shortages and malnutrition?
Ans: Overpopulation is the major cause of food shortages and malnutrition because more people need more food.
Q4: How are water resources under great stress?
Ans: Due to overpopulation water resources are under great stress because more people consume more water.

Q5: What is the effect of depletion of fossil energy?
Ans: The effect of depletion of fossil energy is that the fuel prices are rising everywhere. Moreover, energy production is also reduced.

Q6: What is the limitation of improved technology?
Ans: The limitation of improved technology is that it cannot make any addition to the existing natural resources.
Q7: How can sufficient food supply be made possible for the future generation?
Ans: We can ensure sufficient food supplies for future generation by doing things like we should manage and protect natural resources and we should control the fast growing population.
Q8: What strategies should be adopted for the safe future?
Ans: We should manage and protect natural resources. We should achieve optimum world population. These strategies will make our future safe.
Chapter 13 ; “FAITHFULNESS”
Q1: What case did the young men bring to Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A)?
Ans: They brought the case of their father’s murder. They also the murderer with them. They demanded justice.
Q2: Why did the old man hurl a stone at the camel?
Ans: The old man hurled a stone on the camel because it had eaten a few leaves from one of his trees.
Q3: Why did the villager ask Hazrat Umar (R.A) to delay the execution?
Ans: The villager asked Hazrat Umar (RA) to delay the execution because he wanted to handover the gold to a trustee.
Q4: On what condition was the criminal allowed to leave?
Ans: He was asked to give his guarantor who could suffer death in case he did not return.
Q5: Why were Sahabas worried?
Ans: Hazrat Abu Zar Ghafari was to be killed in case the murderer did not return. Thus the Sahabas were worried about his life.
Q6: Why did the accusers forgive the villager?
Ans: The accusers forgave the villager as they were impressed by his honesty and faithfulness.

My Lost Day in School
School is a spiritual place. It imparts the light of knowledge. It builds up a nation. Children live a large part of their lives in schools. They love their schools like their homes. Therefore, it is hard for them to leave the school forever.

I remember my last day at school. It was a lovely day of 3rd March, 2000. It was a sad day for me and my class mates. We had to leave the school forever. It was very painful for us. We had never thought of a day like that. Some of us were so emotional that they started weeping. Some had tears In their eyes.

First of all, we met our teachers. They treated us kindly. Then we met our headmaster. He advised us to be honest and hard-working in life. After this, we embraced each other for the last time and left. This is how I spent my last day at school.