Internet Media – Essay by Shoaib Haris Class Pre-Nine

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In the early days when there are no means of internet between computers of the world, the world is like a vast universe. But now a day it became a global village. The drastic change in the mentality of people is just because of advancement of technology and the main role is played by internet.

Internet is the network of networks. Now a days internet spread all over the world. There is hardly any country of the world or city where internet is not available. Internet helps us to communicate with our friends, we can play online games, we can read news, and we can get much information from internet.

Internet Services


A browser is an application which helps us to search something on internet. All the browsers are created to share information of different websites around the whole world the most popular browsers are ; Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari, The world e.t.c

Electronic Mail (E-mail)

Email stands for electronic mail. Email is the most useable application on internet which provide very fast speed to send messages to anyone on internet. By using email we can communicate with our friends and family members in any part of the world. We can send and receive files very fast. Some email provider companies are ; Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Windows live mail etc.

Social networks

Social networks are also used to share our daily activities and communicate with our friends and family. Social networks are used to build social relations with peoples who share their activities and their interests. We can make new friends here. Social network  services allows a user to create a profile. In social networks we can read daily news and be alert with the technology. Some popular social networks are ; Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn  e.t.c.

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    Nice Effort

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    but i cant give a gud finishing

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    I have been student and i learned that i need something like this!

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    Nice shoaib

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