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Change the Voice of the following;

  1. The boy makes the picture.
  2. She gave me five films.
  3. The students were being taught by her.
  4. Why is he mending the chairs?
  5. Media helps people to share knowledge.
  6. He had told me to do it.
  7. Did they catch the thief?
  8. They caught the thief.
  9. He had told me to do it.
  10. Do we use milk for making cheese?
  11. The picture is made by the boy.
  12. Do it at once.
  13. Why did she write such a letter?
  14. After entering the house we switch on the television.
  15. We had not seen him before.
  16. How was he making a picture?
  17. The grandmother told us a strange story.
  18. Who will oppose you?
  19. We were not helped by them.
  20. Do not tell a lie.
  21. They do not do their own work.
  22. He had not applied for Job
  23. Where was the lion drinking water?
  24. You invited me to tea.
  25. Who will face the danger for you?
  26. Your promise was not fulfilled by you.
  27. Help the needy.
  28. He does not listen to me