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SECTION — A (Marks 12)
Time allowed: 20 Minutes
NOTE:- Section-A is compulsory. All parts of this section are to be answered on the question paper itself. It should be completed in the first 20 minutes and handed over to the Centre Superintendent Deleting/overwriting is not allowed. Do not use lead pencil.
SECTION — A (Marks 12)
Q. 1 Circle the correct option i.e. A/B/C/ D. Each part carries one mark.
If one mole of carbon contains x atoms, then what is the number of atoms contained in 12 grams of Mg?
x B. 0.5 x C. 2 x D. 1.5 x
What is the mass of 4 moles of Hydrogen gas?
A. 8.064 gram B. 4.032 gram C. 1 gram D. 1.008 gram
Which Isotope is used in nuclear reactors?
A. U-234 B. U-238 C. U-235 D. All of these
Value of Plank’s constant is _____________.
6.626x 10-30 J.s B. 6.626 x10-32 J.s C. 6.626 x10-34 J.s D. 6.626 x10-36 J.s
How many elements were known by the end of the 18th century?
A. 23 B. 65 C. 88 D. 109
Period number of Phosphorus in Periodic table is_____________.
2nd B. 3rd C. 4th D. 5th
Which of following atoms obeys Duplet rule?
A. 02 B. F2 C. H2 D. N2
Which of the following is a covalent compound?
A. NaCI B. MgO C. H2O D. KF
At the Mount Everest what is the boiling point of water?
A. 70°C B. 80°C C. 90°C D. 100°C
What is the maximum amount of Sodium Acetate that can dissolve in 100 gram of water at 0°C?
A. 170 gram B. 119 gram C. 220 gram D. 320 gram
Oxidation state of Cr in K2Cr207 is_______________.
A. 12 B. 6 C. 3 D. Zero
Which of the following elements is most metallic?
Al B. Na C. Mg D. Li

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Total Marks:
Marks Obtained:

Time allowed: 2:40 Hours Total Marks Sections B and C: 43
NOTE:- Answer any nine parts from Section ‘B’ and any two questions from Section ‘C’ on the separately provided answer book. Use supplementary answer sheet i.e. Sheet-B if required. Write your answers neatly and legibly. (Graph paper may be provided)
SECTION — B (Marks 33)
Q2. Answer any ELEVEN parts. The answer to each part should not exceed three to four lines. (11 x 3 = 33)
Identify the branch of Chemistry, that is related to the following information:
a. Sulphuric Add is weaker than HCI. b. Gases can be compressed by applying pressure.
c. Hair contain a special class proteins called keratins which is present is nails and wool.
Determine the formula masses of the following:
a. Urea (NH2)2 CO b. Ammonium Nitrate NH4N03
What were the conclusions of Rutherford’s experiment?
Write any three uses of Isotopes?
Identify the group and period of: (_5^9)B , (_12^24)Mg , (_12^27)Al on the basis of electronic configuration.
What is Atomic size? Write its trends in periodic table.
What is the importance of Glue and Adhesives in our society?
Differentiate between Diffusion and Effusion of Gasses. Also give examples.
Why does evaporation lower the temperature of Liquids?
Define Saturated, Unsaturated and Super-saturated solutions. Also give examples.
Differentiate between Colloid and Suspension, with the help of examples.
Define Oxidation Reduction reaction. Also give one example from daily life.
Draw a labelled diagram of the Daniel’s cell.
Which of the given elements is more metallic and Why? Mg or AI.
b. What is the importance of Mg?
c. F2 oxidizes all the halide ions to free Halogens. How?
Compare reactivity of Alkali and Alkaline earth metals by their positions in the periodic table.
SECTION — C (Marks 20)
Note: Attempt any TWO questions. All questions carry equal marks. (2 x 10 = 20)
Define Electro-negativity. Explain the Electronegative characters of elements. Give examples (4)
Give any three important uses of Platinum. (03)
What is Alloying? Also give example. (02)
Define Rusting of Iron. (01)
How can you manufacture Sodium Hydroxide from Brine? (04)
A solution is prepared by dissolving 10 gram of Hemoglobin in water to make up 1dm3 in volume. Calculate molarity of this solution. Molar mass of Hemoglobin is 6.51 x 104g / mole. (04)
What is Concentration Unit? Give examples. (02)
What is Vapour Pressure? Explain effects of temperature on Vapour Pressure. (04)
Define Intermolecular forces. Explain Hydrogen Bonding found in Water. Also draw diagram.(04)
What is Shielding effect? Which atom has greater shielding effect and Why? Be or Mg. (02)