Technical Training – Essay by Naif Riaz Class 9

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Naif Riaz

Technical education trains the student to work in various fields like, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and auto engineering. General education aims at training mind and training character. Technical education trains a person to earn an honorable living.

We are living in an industrial age. No progress can be possible without progress in industry. Industrial countries are at the top of the world nowadays. It is the interest of country to train her own technical experts.

There is too much demand for technical experts in foreign countries like KSA,UAE etc. Technical education can solve many problems of unemployment. Many educated peoples depends upon the Government jobs. Technical trained persons are eligible for Government job. Technical experts works like machine.

Technical education where have many advantages it also have some disadvantages like while working they does not mean the values of life. This is just because of lack of character training. But this problem can also be solved now. Because now the Government of PAKISTAN has made arrangements to make more technical institutes to reach the lack of unemployment and also to give the character training.


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  1. salman abbasi says:

    Nyc naif bhi g

  2. Gulnazeem says:

    Nicee…. by Naif.

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